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Spiritual Counseling, Berlin, CT


"I experienced June's healing method for the first time last week remotely as I live in Canada and she is in the US. She had me lie down at my end and just be in a peaceful meditation.  I did just that with some wonderful meditation music playing, felt relaxed and set the intent to open myself to receive whatever healing she was offering. Even though I was relaxed I could still feel tension in my body. During the
process, at times, I was aware of different feelings in my body where things
were being either released or changed. I had heat in my right arm at one
point, and I could feel at another time, something was being worked on at my
crown chakra....I had the sensation of something going in, and could see a
beautiful green colour come into my crown chakra, and then a few minutes
later, something came out.  What I noticed as a couple of days passed, the
tension was gone out of my body and the frequency of my body was much
higher.  I have been doing work in like  compressed time, getting so much
done and not being tired. This amazes me as I still have it three days
later!  I know that more than one time is needed for healing, and I am
looking forward to trying this again to see what happens next time. Thank
you June for this very potent and effective healing."

Lynne, S. Certified Master Life Coach, Canada


"The crystal bed long distance healing I received from June was filled with loving energy, light and a feeling of peace, safety and security. During the session I felt the Divine presence of Jesus and divine beings with me as I felt the healing energy of their presence flow through me. It was a beautiful experience that I will never forget. I highly recommend having a crystal bed session with June either in person or long distance as she is very gifted, caring person that will connect to the entities of light that work with John of God to bring you the messages and information she receives. These messages were very helpful for me and my healing journey. 

 Thank you, June it was a wonderful session. I really appreciated it!            

Holly S., Maryland

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